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PhD Course: 

Evolutionary processes affecting health -


The interface where rocks and environmental surface processes meet modern medical science!

For you?

We welcome PhD students and professionals from various scientific backgrounds looking to expand their horizons and integrate evolutionary thinking into their research or practice.


19-23 August 2024 at the University of Copenhagen.

Registration Deadline

15 July 2024. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot early!

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Medical Geobiology examines the evolutionary interplay between life forms, their environments, and the pressures that shape them both. It integrates principles from medical microbiology, evolutionary biology, biophysics, tumor biology, and geology, crafting a holistic view of health that transcends the boundaries traditionally set by these areas. This approach not only helps us understand present conditions but also, crucially, allows us to predict future health scenarios. Our course, "Evolutionary Processes Affecting Health – Medical Geobiology," is designed to train the next generation of scientists in these comprehensive, integrative techniques.

Course description

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